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New association : for jazz quartet, 1984/1990 / Pierre Courbois

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Variable instrumentation
Instruments: vibr drumset vl cb (or other instr)

Song for Ma : C version : Bb version : Eb version / Soesja Citroen

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Variable instrumentation

The Line : C version : Bb version : Eb version / Tineke Postma

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Variable instrumentation

Chanson d'automne : chant et flûte / [texte] (Paul Verlaine), Jan Maarten Komter

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Instruments: sopr-m fl



NL Real Book (voor C-instrumenten) / ed.: Walter van de Leur ; Maarten van der Grinten ; Michael Moore et al.

Edition: Vol. 1
Publisher: Amsterdam: Muziek Centrum Nederland, 2011
Publisher's number: 12443
Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Variable instrumentation
Instruments: variabel
Remarks: Met voorw.
Number of players: 1
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Other authors:
Baars, Ab (composer)
Bergin, Sean (composer)
Binsbergen, Corrie van (composer)
Blom, Jasper (composer)
Braam, Michiel (composer)
Breuker, Willem (composer)
Buis, Joost (composer)
Bulterman, Jack (composer)
Chossy, Franz von (composer)
Citroen, Soesja (composer)
Courbois, Pierre (composer)
Cuypers, Leo (composer)
Dooyeweerd, Arnold (composer)
Douglas, Franky (composer)
Fraanje, Harmen (composer)
Geel, Oene van (composer)
Glerum, Ernst (composer)
Goudsmit, Anton (composer)
Hof, Jasper van 't (composer)
Honing, Yuri (composer)
Janssen, Guus (composer)
Kemenade, Paul van (composer)
Mengelberg, Misha (composer)
Otterloo, Rogier van (composer)
Postma, Tineke (composer)
Reijngoud, Ilja (composer)
Roos, Toon (composer)
Rooyen, Jerry van (composer)
Ruller, Jesse van (composer)
Slinger, Cees (composer)
Tans, J.C. (composer)
Verploegen, Angelo (composer)
Vliet, Jeroen van (composer)
Vloeimans, Eric (composer)
Almost Cigar / Jan Cees Tans
Brokology / Joost Buis
Brutto Gusto / Erik Vloeimans
Conga Cacao / Ernst Glerum
Dag, schatteboutje / Jack Bulterman
Dat mistige mooie beest / Rogier van Otterloo
De dorst / Arnold Dooyeweerd
Eyes to wonder / Ilja Reijngoud
Growing up / Cees Slinger
Hypoxmastreefuzz / Misha Mengelberg
Igor's bransle / Ab Baars
Amsterdam / Jesse van Ruller
Like fall / Jeroen van Vliet
The line / Tineke Postma
Lost treasure / Franz von Chossy
One bar / Guus Janssen
Passada / Frank Douglas
Reach for the rose / Toon Roos
Rééducation blues / Pierre Courbois
Reisefieber / Willem Breuker
Song for Ma / Soesja Citroen
De trein naar Ulan Bator / Corrie van Binsbergen
Aneris / Herman Fraanje
Two horns and a bass / Paul van Kemenade
Vaduz / Jasper Blom
Violet / Michiel Braam
The way she looks / Jasper van 't Hof
Yasutani / Yuri Honing
Awakening / Oene van Geel
Beach Balls / Sean Bergin
Because I love you / Jerry Rooyen
Blue Tango / Leo Cuypers
Boom petit / Anton Goudsmit
Brad's feast / Angelo Verploegen

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