5 pieces of 4 and more

The collection of pieces presented here is especially aimed at ‘classical’ ensembles looking for music that allows for more flexibility of interpretation, more input from the players, and improvisation with the whole ensemble. In this book you will find 5 pieces for quartet, or rather, 5 pieces for 4 voices, as each voice can be played by multiple instruments. All 5 pieces have sections where the musicians are invited to improvise using a given set of notes and/or rhythms. There are specific tips, tricks and directions for each piece which can be found on the page before a piece starts.

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Latest editions

  1. Get it while it's hot! : for string quartet and electric guitar / Chiel Meijering
  2. Zuleikha : for voice and piano / Sem Dresden; words by Mirza-Schaffy (Mirza Shafi Vazeh)
  3. Wintergang : for voice and piano / Sem Dresden; words by Paul Remers
  4. Wilt heden nu treden : for mixed choir / Sem Dresden
  5. Wilhelmus van Nassouwe : for mixed choir / Sem Dresden
  6. Wiegenlied : for voice and piano / Sem Dresden; words by Henrik Ibsen
  7. Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär? : for voice and piano / Sem Dresden
  8. Weist du - wo? : for voice and piano / Sem Dresden; words by Karl Ernst Knodt
  9. Wachterlied : voor gemengd koor / Sem Dresden; Onbekend dichter 14e eeuw
  10. Vrees niet, gij klein kuddeke : for mixed choir / Sem Dresden

Popular works

  1. Ai Quaquín, que has vengut de prim! (Sainet in one act) : Music theatre for solos, mixed choir and orchestra / Antoni Mª. Servera (arr. F. Xavier Gelabert i Muntaner); text by Sebastià Rubí
  2. Sevdah : for bassoon / David Mastikosa
  3. Complete Works for Piano II : 2 players four hands or two pianos / Dick Kattenburg
  4. Canto Ostinato : voor toetsinstrumenten, 1976-79 / Simeon ten Holt
  5. Ritratto : Orchestral suite / Willem Jeths
  6. On the Shore of North Vidzeme (Ziemeļvidzemes krastā) : for harpsichord (or piano) and saxophone quartet / Georgs Pelecis
  7. Symphony Nº 10 (Unfinished) : Chronological Transcriptions of the Sketches, Short Scores and Orchestral Drafts / Gustav Mahler; Frans Bouwman, editor
  8. Complete Works for Piano I : for piano solo / Dick Kattenburg
  9. Enduring like a tree under the curious stars : for mixed choir / Jobina Tinnemans
  10. Chords Étude : for piano / Nimrod Borenstein