Tenderness - Two sketches after Jan Mankes

Tenderness takes its inspiration from the paintings of the Dutch artist Jan Mankes (1889–1920), once called ‘Holland’s most silent painter’ by his fellow artist Richard Roland Holst. The subject of tenderness was mentioned by Mankes himself: "You know the tender side of my work… I experience the joy of tenderness most strongly, when thinking about a finch’s nest, with cobwebs and lichen, on a May morning." Mankes’ subjects include the rural surroundings of Heerenveen and intimate still lives of animals and domestic objects. He painted the latter especially in his later life when Mankes was bedridden due to tuberculosis. He studied and sketched his subjects “until he knew them by heart, and then painted them from memory”. In his balanced compositions, muted tones, almost imperceptible brushstrokes and extended glazing technique, Mankes was able to bring a unique kind of transparency to his work.

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Latest editions

  1. Sonata : Version for clarinet and piano / Alexey Kurbatov
  2. Sonata : for alto saxophone and piano / Alexey Kurbatov
  3. Morse : for flute / Egbert Jan Louwerse
  4. Mondriaan Dances : Version for wind ensemble / Niek Idelenburg
  5. Palimpsest : for guitar / Mickael Luis
  6. Le roi et le tambour : pour orchestre symphonique / Wim Dirriwachter
  7. Stuck in a Closet : for two Yamaha Midi concert pianos and saxophone ensemble
  8. Berceuse Nº 2 : for mixed choir / Lucas Wiegerink; text by Paul van Ostaijen
  9. Compositie Nº 1 (Propaedeutica) : voor piano / Simeon ten Holt
  10. Shirim : for piano / Nimrod Borenstein

Popular works

  1. Sonatine : for piano / Rosy Wertheim
  2. Symphony Nº 10 (Unfinished) : Chronological Transcriptions of the Sketches, Short Scores and Orchestral Drafts / Gustav Mahler; Frans Bouwman, editor
  3. L' indifférent : pour quatuor à cordes / Hendrik Andriessen
  4. Canto Ostinato : voor toetsinstrumenten, 1976-79 / Simeon ten Holt
  5. On the Shore of North Vidzeme (Ziemeļvidzemes krastā) : for harpsichord (or piano) and saxophone quartet / Georgs Pelecis
  6. For Mattia : for piano or harp / Douwe Eisenga
  7. 24 capriccio's voor viool solo
  8. Trois Pièces sérieuses (Sonata Nº 19) : for piano / Olivier Greif
  9. Basso doble : voor contrabas en piano, (1973) / Rob du Bois
  10. Concertino Nº 2 "Florestan's Marches" : for piano and strings / Georgs Pelecis