Janssen, Guus

Guus Janssen, born on May 13, 1951 in Heiloo, is a Dutch composer of contemporary music and a recording artist. Education: Guus Janssen studied composition with Ton de Leeuw and piano ...

related works

24 capriccio's voor viool solo

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Violin
Instruments: vl

Kleine Haagse suite : voor klein orkest / Alexander Voormolen

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 2111 0100 perc cel str

Spatial music III : for chamber orchestra, in four groups, (1967) / Ton de Leeuw

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra; Orchestra with electronics
Instruments: pic fl fl-a 2cl ob eh 2fg sax-a 2h 2trp 2trb 2perc hp str( (tape ad.lib)

Symfonietta : voor kamerorkest / gecomponeerd door Jan Masséus

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 2200 2000 str



Keer : for orchestra, 1988 / Guus Janssen

Publisher: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1989
Publisher's number: 04661
Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: fl 2fl(pic) 2ob 2cl cl-b 2fg cfg 6h 3trp 2trb trb-b tb timp 3perc 2hp str
Remarks: T.g.v. het 100-jarig bestaan van het Concertgebouworkest. - Tijdsduur: 15'
Duration: 15'00"
Year of composition: 1988
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Program note (English): KEER (an event presented as repetitive) consists of two sections and a long Coda. In the first section, a kind of clockwork running away with itself is depicted by the string orchestra. It plays a wave-like movement, comparable to a film of a surf played at high speed. Its violence must be stemmed (in Dutch 'gekeerd') by the rest of the orchestra; I introduced a regulation that the string orchestra is obliged to consistently imitate the 'staccato' wind chords with a 'pizzicato'. Eventually this leads to the way out of the Gordian knot of the first section. In the second section the string orchestra sets up, in an extremely high register, a diatonic scale in C, in which each pitch has its own characteristic. The setting up is achieved by means of a "switching device", with the bass drum and the cymbals acting as a switch. The Coda, finally, is a static situation, in which falling series of harmonics are continuously investigated. The pitch material of the whole piece consists
of these series of harmonics, processed in various ways. All chords are also constructed with it; hence the capricious, tonal but at the same time undirected, associations that are evoked. - GUUS JANSSEN

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