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At the Next Port of Call : for trumpet, tuba, seascape and lighthouse / Jobina Tinnemans

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Mixed ensemble (2-12 players)
Scoring: tpt tb

Nostos : for string quintet / Jobina Tinnemans

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Mixed ensemble (2-12 players)
Scoring: 2vn vla vc db

Seven Sisters : for piano / Jobina Tinnemans

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano
Scoring: pf

latest edition

Breakwater Brass! : for brass band / Jobina Tinnemans

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Wind ensemble (2-12 players)
Scoring: 4corn 2h 2trb 2bass



Tinnemans, Jobina

Website: Official Website

Jobina Tinnemans is a composer and sound artist, making work at the nexus of electronics, classical music and contemporary art. She was born in Limburg in 1975 and from an early age was fascinated by both music and the visual arts, training as a pianist before deciding to become a student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As well as working in design she studied fashion and sound engineering and on graduating she was commissioned to create a sound art installation for the Dutch Rietveld Pavilion at the 2001 Venice Bienniale. In 2007, after a number of years living and working in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and London, she moved to a remote headland in Pembrokeshire, Wales in order to concentrate on making music. This encounter with a landscape dominated by the rhythms of the weather, the seasons and the sea has been the inspiration for all her subsequent work.
In 2007 she created Shakespeare And Hedgeshear, combining analogue sound processing, table tennis, hedge-trimming and excerpts from Shakespeare plays. Similarly bold combinations of elements drawn from instrumental and electronic music and installation art have characterised her subsequent output. Étude (2012) brings together sports exercises, a soprano, viola and electronics, and a series of works ( Metro and Turner Piece in 2015 and Rivulet in 2016) explore a sound world made from the turning of pages.
Her work reached an international audience in 2013 when she was commissioned by the MATA festival in New York. She created Killing Time for an ensemble who play virtual instruments with custom-designed interfaces; the performance also featured live knitting, the knitters using prepared needles, and a version of the work featured in Vogue New York’s 2016 fashion show. Close involvement with her community in Wales also led to a series of workshops in which local knitters tried out the techniques that would be deployed in New York. This mix of the local and the international has continued to be a feature of her practice, with Enduring Like A Tree Under The Curious Stars (2018) commissioned by the Landmark Trust for the re-opening of an historic house in the Brecon Beacons.
Jobina’s work has been supported by many funding agencies, including the PRSF and Arts Council England. In 2020 her first album, Five Thoughts about Everything, was released on the New York-based label Bright Shiny Things and was widely reviewed and broadcast. Her current work focuses on panoramic scores in which the contours of the landscape become notations, music for piano in collaboration with Vicky Chow and Eleonor Sandresky, installation commissions, and a large scale music-theatre project.