Vlijmen, Jan van

Jan van Vlijmen writes chamber music, operas, songs and orchestral works. His compositions are strongly influenced by the serial music of Arnold Schoenberg. He is also attracted to the sumptuous ...

related works

Die Kunst der Fuge : = The art of fugue, for 14 instruments, 1999-2000, revision 2001 / (arrangement: Jan van Vlijmen), Johann Sebastian Bach

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Large ensemble (12 or more players)
Instruments: fl-a eh cl-b fg trp trb g hp man vl 2vla vc cb

De profundis : mezzosopraan, contrabas, piano, 1976 / tekst en muziek: Charles van der Leeuw

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Instruments: sopr-m pf cb

De stemmen van de waterman : Versie voor sopraan, fluit, klarinet, viool, cello en harp / Karel Goeyvaerts

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Instruments: sop fl cl vn vc hp

Vues des anges : pour violon et bariton, 1959 / Hans Kox

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Instruments: bar vl



Mythos : per 9 strumenti e mezzo/soprano, februari 1963 / Jan van Vlijmen

Publisher: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1963
Publisher's number: 05583
Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Instruments: sopr-m fl ob cl fg h 2vl vla vc
Remarks: Voor mezzosopraan, fluit, altviool, hobo, fagot, hoorn, 2 violen, klarinet en cello. - Tekst van Paul van Ostaijen apart afgedrukt. - In opdracht van de AVRO. - Opgedragen aan het Danzikwintet en het Gaudeamuskwartet. - Tijdsduur: 13'28''
Duration: 14'00"
Number of players: 10
Year of composition: 1963
Status: not yet digitized (expected delivery time 14 days)

Other authors:
Van Ostaijen, Paul (librettist)
Program note (English): The commission ran: a composition for wind quintet and string quartet, with the possibility of combining two ensembles which in the Netherlands concern themselves first and foremost with contemporary music: the Danzi quintet and the Gaudeamus quartet. In order to obtain greater coherence the two distinctive ensembles were fused and again divided into the following groups:
I. flute - viola
II. oboe - bassoon, violin
III. horn - violin
IV. clarinet - cello
In the second half of the composition a singing-voice (mezzo soprano) is added to the instrumentalists. The text of this vocal episode was derived from a poem by Paul van Ostaijen: 'Mythos', which was also chosen to be the title of the work.
The composition is divided in two large parts, preceded by an introduction.
In the first part the stress is on the instrumental ensemble. It is subdivided into 12 smaller parts, varying in duration. From a musical point of view these 12 fragments may be divided into 3 groups:
I.6 parts with very lively contours;
II.2 parts of a static nature (drawn-out notes);
III.4 parts in which these two elements combine (heterophony and repeated notes).
The order of succession of the various parts may be chosen by the musicians themselves, according to certain fixed regulations.
The second part stresses the singing-voice, although the instrumental groups are given a part which is anything but subservient. - JAN VAN VLIJMEN

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