Yu, Donald

Man-Ching Donald Yu (余文正) (b.1980), Hong Kong born composer and pianist. His recent music is refined by the interweaving of post-minimalist and modernist traits; subtle transformation of various musical parameters ...

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Grass : for erhu, mezzo-soprano and piano / Man-Ching Yu Donald

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice and instrument(s)
Scoring: erhu m-sop pf

Paganini rides again : for two pianos / Robert Groslot

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano
Scoring: 2pf

Sonatina no. 3 : voor piano solo, (1972) / Hans Osieck

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano
Scoring: pf

Arcadia VI : leichte Klavierstücke mit Daumenuntersatz / Henk Badings

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano
Scoring: pf



Expansion : for piano / Man-Ching Yu Donald

Publisher's number: 21569
Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano
Scoring: pf
Duration: 9'00"
Number of players: 1
Year of composition: 2018
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Expansion is a scientific phenomenon in which particles transform from one state into any state upon gaining substantial energy; for example, the static solid state of ice transforming into liquid state and finally being vaporized. The music symbolizes the static state at the beginning by initiating a single pitch c with sextuplet figure. In addition, later, it transforms into various chromatic materials by means of the gradual insertion of the pitches Db, D, B, Bb, and so on while exhausting all the chromatic notes. Soon, the first section reaches its climax where canonic devices are employed between different parts in different transpositions with different transformations of rhythmic figures being juxtaposed together. The central section brings back the static state that is highly contrast in terms of density and utilization of pitches, sparse materials made up of open fifth chords gradually juxtapose together for generating chromatic sound. The last section recapitulates the repetitive materials of the preliminary section in which music gradually expands by means of intermingling of different pitches for substantial chromatic effects. The piece ends in extreme high registers in which notes are barely audible.
Donald Yu

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