Vriend, Jan

From the start, Jan Vriend has been a musical omnivore who combines a strongly modernistic approach with openness to the interests of and needs for a good musical education. ...

related works

Elements of logic : IV - 72 / Jos Kunst & Jan Vriend

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Wind ensemble (9 or more players)
Instruments: 5076 9sax 6002

Avonturen van een sjaal : = (Adventures of a shawl), for bass clarinet and 8 instruments, 1984 / Will Eisma

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Wind and string and key instrument(s)
Instruments: fl cl h vl vla vc cb pf cl-b-solo

Concerto : for violoncello & orchestra, 1985 / Walter Hekster

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Cello and orchestra
Instruments: 2221 0030 4-5perc hp str vc-solo

…Bélise dans un jardin : voor koor (24 stemmen) en ensemble / Karel Goeyvaerts

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Mixed choir and instruments
Instruments: GK4 cl rec bsn vn vla vc



Double Concerto : for piccolo, piano and orchestra / Jan Vriend

Publisher's number: 21099
Genre: Unknown
Instruments: picc-solo pf-solo 3fl(picc) 2ob eh 2cl cl-b cl-cb 2fg cfg 4h 3tpt 2trb trb-b tb3perc synth str
Remarks: Dedicated to Ilonka Kolthof and Ralph van Raat.
Duration: 35'00"
Year of composition: 2019
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

The idea for the concerto came about after a successful first performance of the Sonata for piccolo and piano that took place in The Goods Shed in my hometown of Tetbury in November 2018. What started off as a mere pipedream, well aware that few orchestras, if any, were desperately waiting for an opportunity to premiere such a novel concept, became a genuine ambition for me.
I set to work regardless of practicalities as soon as I didn’t have any other commitments and produced four movements within a year. When I began writing the music another triumphant performance of the sonata had meanwhile taken place in Amsterdam, followed later in the year by a CD recording, launched at the end of 2019. As the sonata’s fourth movement became a particular favourite of the musicians I pondered if a version with a light orchestral accompaniment couldn’t feature as the slow second movement. However, after finishing all four movements I started having second thoughts about it and decided to compose a new one in its place.
Jan Vriend

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