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Fingermusic 1&2 (Long Version) : for electric guitar and multi FX processors / Paul Oomen

Genre: Multimedia
Subgenre: Guitar with multimedia
Scoring: gtr tape

Thou single wilt prove none : for voice and electronics / Roderik de Man

Genre: Multimedia
Subgenre: Voice solo
Scoring: zang tape

Vox sanguinis [Blood Science] : for acting soprano and electronic tape / Aliona Yurtsevich

Genre: Multimedia
Subgenre: Voice solo
Scoring: zang tape

Luminescence : for 5 voices and electronics / Kasia GÅ‚owicka

Genre: Multimedia
Subgenre: Voice solo
Scoring: 5zang tape



And my mind is subject of these bewildered fragments : for 3 female voices and electronics / Paul Oomen; based on texts by Sarah Kane

Publisher's number: 19968
Genre: Multimedia
Subgenre: Voice solo
Scoring: 3zang tape
Remarks: Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.
Duration: 5'45"
Number of players: 3
Year of composition: 2006
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Other authors:
Oomen, Paul (Composer)

Sheet Music
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