Liber I Selectorum Psalmorum : for 4-6 voices (Volume 2) / Various composers, assembled by Johann vom Berg; transcribed and edited by Cees Wagemakers

Publisher's number: 17022
Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Mixed choir
Scoring: GK
Remarks: Early Music edition. First published in 1553 by Johann vom Berg & Ulrich Neuber, Nuremberg.
Year of composition: 1553
Status: Unique collection of Renaissance manuscripts transposed to contemporary notation. Hundreds of vocal works that had been hidden away in various libraries across Europe, now available for the first time, thanks to tireless work of editor Cees Wagemakers.

Other authors:
Wagemakers, Cees (Editor)
Berg, Johann vom (Curator)
Clemens Non Papa (Composer)
Desprez, Josquin (Composer)
Claudin de Sermisy - Ps 24. Ad te Domine levavi (6’)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 26. Dominus illuminatio mea (6’45”)
Jacobus Clemens non Papa - Ps 29. Exaltabo te Domine (6’)
Jacobus Clemens non Papa - Ps 30. In te Domine speravi (4’)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 31. Beati quorum remissæ sunt (9’)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 33. Benedicam Domino (à 6) (6’15”)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 37. Domine ne in furore tuo… quoniam (7’45”)
Paulus Wüst - Ps 40. Beatus qui intelligit (10’15”)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 42. Iudica me Deus (5’)
Ulrich Brätel - Ps 45. Deus noster refugium (7’30”)
Thomas Stoltzer - Ps 46. Omnes gentes, plaudite (12’45”)
Josquin Desprez - Ps 50. Miserere mei, Deus (14’15”)
Thomas Crequillon - Ps 52. Quid gloriaris in malitia? (5’30”)
Apart from a rich collection of choirbook manuscripts the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) contains many part-books of choral music. Many of them are originally printed in Venice (Gardano or Scotto), in Antwerp (Phalèse or Susato) or Paris (Attaignant). A smaller amount originates from Prague, Heidelberg, Nuremberg and Lyon.
The underlying collection of Psalms has been assembled by Johann vom Berg, the publisher of music and spiritual books in Nuremberg in the 16th century. Except in the works by Josquin Desprez, Claudin de Sermisy and Thomas Stolzer the music seems not to have been written for these psalms. It looks like the music already existed, while the psalm texts were added later.
Cees Wagemakers, 2019

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