A Sacred Song Book : 8 Motets for 5 and 6 voices / Various authors; transcribed and edited by Cees Wagemakers

Publisher's number: 16159
Genre: Unknown
Subgenre: Mixed choir
Scoring: GK
Remarks: Early Music Edition.
Status: Unique collection of Renaissance manuscripts transposed to contemporary notation. Hundreds of vocal works that had been hidden away in various libraries across Europe, now available for the first time, thanks to tireless work of editor Cees Wagemakers.

Other authors:
Wagemakers, Cees (Editor)
Anonymous (Early Music) (Composer)
Pandolfo Zallamella: Ingrediente Domino (2’)
Vincenzo Ruffo: Vespere autem Sabbati (4’)
Rinaldo del Mel: Non turbetur cor vestrum (2’15”)
Rinaldo del Mel: Dum complerentur (2’30”)
Jacopo Cardelli: Inter natos mulierum (2’)
Vincenzo Ruffo: Sancta Trinitas (2’30”)
Claudio Merulo: O sacrum convivium (2’45”)
Claudio Merulo: O Rex gentium (2’15”)
In the Bavarian State Library in Munich (Germany) there is a large choirbook that is not dated, but deriving from the ‘typesetting’ I estimate the time of its making in the 60-70’s of the 16th century.
This Bayerische Staats Bibliothek (BSB) has a unique collection of large folio format choir books from the Bavarian court music ensemble, predominantly from the time of Orlando di Lasso serving as court music director. Several splendidly illustrated choir books originally belonged to the personal collection of the Bavarian dukes. The most beautiful one is the collection of motets by Cipriano de Rore for Duke Albrecht V, also available at Donemus. Choir books have all the parts on two facing pages, in contrast to the separate books for each voice that we see mostly in Renaissance editions. So a page turn had to come at the same moment for all the voices.
The source for this collection is titled Liber Sacrarum Cantionum, quaternis, quinis et senis vocibus qua vulgo motecta nuncupantur, de festis præcipuis totius anni. Diversorum authorum præstantissimorum (Sacred Song Book - Motets - for 4, 5 & 6
voices, on feasts through the year. By various excellent composers.) It has no indication of a year of appearance.
The contributing composers of this album were Claudio Merulo, Vincenzo Ruffo and the less-known Rinaldo del Mel, Jacopo Cardelli and Pandolfo Zallamella. More composers appear in this choir book, but their works are available on the internet elsewhere. The underlying works are unknown to most of the people. But they are surprisingly fresh and original. They show the festive style of all Italian music of that time, not the sober and modest style that we see in the music of Ludwig Senfl, Heinrich Isaac and Clemens non Papa, composers that are also well represented in the BSB.
Cees Wagemakers, 2017

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