Sacred Harmonies : for 4, 5, 6 and 8 voices / collected by Caspar Hassler; transcribed and edited by Cees Wagemakers

Publisher's number: 16095
Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Mixed choir
Instruments: GK
Remarks: Early Music Edition.
Year of composition: 1600
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Other authors:
Wagemakers, Cees (editor)
Hassler, Caspar (composer)
Emitte Spiritum (Francesco Bianciardi) | SATB (3’)
Te decet hymnus (Philippe Schöndorff) | SAATB (2’30”)
Benedicam Dominum (Paolo Sartorio) | SATTB (5’)
Dominus possedit me (Tiburtio Massaino) | SSAATB (10’)
Illumina oculos meos (Tiburtio Massaino) | SSAATB (2’30”)
Advenit ignis divinus (Philippe de Monte) | SSATTB (4’30”)
Veni Domine et noli tardare (Balsassare Donato) | SAATTB (2’)
De ore prudentis (Carlo Berti) | SATB-SATB (2’45”)
Ascendit Deus (Carlo Berti) | SATB-SATB (3’45”)
Exultate Deo adiutori nostro (Stefano Felis) | SATB-SATB (2’)
Omnes gentes (Geminiano Capilupi) | SATB-SATB (2’30”)
Exultate Deo (Francesco Bianciardi) | SATB (2’15”)
Cantate Domino (Alexio Neandro) | SATB-SATB (4’15”)
Iubilate Deo (Luca Marenzio) | SATB-SATB (6’15”)
Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel (Orazio Vecchi) | SATB (2’45”)
Domine ne in furore tua arguas me (Simone Molinaro) | SSATB (9’15”)
En ista est speciosa (Orazio Vecchi) | SAATB (4’)
Cantate Domino (Giovanni Cavaccio) | SAATB (4’)
Paratum cor meum (Stefano Felis) | SSATB (6’45”)
Iustus ut palma (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina) | SAATB (3’15”)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Philippe Schöndorff) | SSATB (2’45”)
Caspar Hassler published two important books with motets called Sacræ Harmoniæ and Sacrarum Harmoniarum Continuatio (sequel to the first book of Sacred Harmonies). The motets in the first book are all available elsewhere on the internet. From the second book I chose the motets to transcribe that are still mostly unknown. Although the composers of these motets are unknown by the greater public, they are of a beauty seldom heard. Especially the 8-voiced, bichoral ones show the influence of the Venetian school, and are monumental. Names like Bianciardi, Vecchi, Molinaro, Felis, Donato, Massaino, Marenzio and Palestrina (also called Prænestinus) are more or less familiar, and some of their work is already available in the Donemus Early Music series, but names like Capilupi, Schöndorff, Sartorio, Berti and Neandro do not often ring a bell. And yet they deserve to be heard and rediscovered.
The last part in the original book is a trichoral Mass for 12 voices by Hans Leo Hassler. Also a monumental piece of work. Because of the nature and duration of the work it is separately available in this series.
Cees Wagemakers

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