Châtelet, Jean Guyot de

Jean Guyot de Châtelet was a composer and poet, born in 1512 in Châtelet in the province of Hainaut (today’s Belgium). He studied at the university of Louvain and got a grade in arts. He became chaplain in Liège and later maître de chapelle (chorus master). In 1563 he got the appointment of chorus master in Vienna at the imperial court. After one year he returned to Liège and took up his old post again at the cathedral. Here he worked another 25 years and taught music to Joannes de Fossa, who became chorus master in Munich later on. In his time his colleagues praised him as a good musician. He also published poetic work. In the present times he is nearly forgotten.
Although he is not the most skilled composer of his own time, his music is very attractive, in the post-Josquin style of the Low Countries.
Guyot de Châtelet died in 1588. He wrote the Te Deum when he was 63, so it must have been written in 1575.
Cees Wagemakers, 2017