Nearly all of my music is written with someone in mind. In this instance, I wrote my Oboe Quintet for Dr Youn Joo Lee, Associate Principal Oboe of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, with her beautiful sound and musical sensibilities as my inspiration. The Oboe Quintet has unabashed American moments - a brief snatch of jazz, a blue note here and there. But one can also hear modal harmonies as well as the verdant, outdoors whiff of folk music which reflects my lifelong affection for British music, in particular, that of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Britten, and Delius. There is also a passing moment where the solo oboe briefly plays a shepherdess playing her pipe on an unimaginably green hillside on the perfect summer day.

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Latest editions

  1. Deeldersongs : voor countertenor en elektrische gitaar / Hans Koolmees; op teksten van J.A. Deelder
  2. Deeldersongs : voor bariton en piano / Hans Koolmees; op teksten van J.A. Deelder
  3. Rise : for two bassoons and orchestra / Vanessa Lann
  4. Solo Song for bassoon (Hardwood Floorboards) / Ig Henneman
  5. Solo Song for bass clarinet/clarinet (The Motion Caused) / Ig Henneman
  6. Trio : for flute, clarinet and bassoon / Rosy Wertheim
  7. commedia delle arti (comedy of arts) : for you / Dmitri Kourliandski
  8. Quintet : for oboe and string quartet / Michael Fine
  9. Magic Birds Phung Hoang, Telling the Sage Lin Loon the Mystery of Twelve Tones in Music : for violin / Olga Victorova
  10. Harbin : for symphony orchestra / Olga Victorova

Popular works

  1. Soliloquy : for violoncello / Nimrod Borenstein
  2. Canto Ostinato : voor toetsinstrumenten, 1976-79 / Simeon ten Holt
  3. Reminiscences of Childhood : for piano solo / Nimrod Borenstein
  4. Duo concertant : for oboe and piano / Nimrod Borenstein
  5. Symphony Nº 10 / Gustav Mahler; arranged for two pianos by Frans Bouwman
  6. one, some or no : for one, some or no performers / Dmitr Kourliandski
  7. Es war einmal ein König (uit Ur-Faust) : for recorder, viola, violoncello and piano / Chiel Meijering
  8. L' indifférent : pour quatuor à cordes, 1969, gereconstrueerde versie (2002) / Hendrik Andriessen
  9. Dat Mistige Rooie Beest : C version : Bb version : Eb version / Rogier van Otterloo
  10. Ein Schemen (A Recomposition of Ein Deutsches Requiem) : for harp, electronics and choir / Yannis Kyriakides