weltjugend U6 [1984]

n Berlin, in 1984, while the city was divided, some underground lines serving the West-Berlin underground passed underneath the eastern part of the city, passing multiple dimly-lit stations without stopping. One of those stations was Stadion der Weltjugend (now: Schwartzkopffstraße) on the current line U6, which was a ghost station for all of the Cold War, which didn’t prevent the GDR authorities to rename it not once, but twice. weltjugend U6 [1984] paints the dilapidated station, where only aural clues – of passing trains, of rock music on broken radios, of dripping water, remain at this station. In the middle of the piece, the impression of the station breaks down into a desperate, violent cry of help – the youth of the world trying to undo the mistakes of generations upon generations of their ancestors.

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