Analog Intelligence

Analog Intelligence was originally written for my violin/drum-kit/electronics trio ‘Bow Hammer Connection’. It was a 21st Century Dance Suite, exploring five Electronic Dance Music genres: Dubstep, IDM, Ambient, Acid House, and Drum 'n' Bass. Although we may think of these styles as unrelated to the Sarabandes, Menuets, and Gigues of Bach’s famous dance suites, these EDM genres are our contemporary equivalent. In Analog Intelligence, as in Bach’s suites and partitas, each dance is taken as a starting point for creating a piece of concert music – something to stimulate the body, yes, but also the mind and ears. ....    (read more)

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Latest editions

  1. Anthem in memory of H. Purcell : 12 vla / Oleg Paiberdin
  2. Flies of Argos : cl,tr,h,trb,vn,vla,vc,db,pf / Oleg Paiberdin
  3. Locus nascendi : 4 fl / Oleg Paiberdin
  4. In the spirit of Sarabande : cl,bass cl,2h,harp, string orchestra / Oleg Paiberdin
  5. Push-Keen (in memory of A.S) : fl,cl,vn,vla,vc,marimb / Oleg Paiberdin
  6. Oskrivik : Cl, trb, vc, vn,db / Oleg Paiberdin
  7. Clartic : cl solo,with prepared Pf / Oleg Paiberdin
  8. Guo Hua : fl,cl,vn,vc,pf / Oleg Paiberdin
  9. Post scriptum : 2vn,vlc,vc / Oleg Paiberdin
  10. In concord : 8vcs, db, pf / Oleg Paiberdin

Popular works

  1. Morceau de Concert : for clarinet and harp / Michael Fine
  2. Canto Ostinato : voor toetsinstrumenten, 1976-79 / Simeon ten Holt
  3. Symphony Nº 10 (Unfinished) : Chronological Transcriptions of the Sketches, Short Scores and Orchestral Drafts / Gustav Mahler; Frans Bouwman, editor
  4. Dat Mistige Rooie Beest : C version : Bb version : Eb version / Rogier van Otterloo
  5. .., e poi c’era… : Symphony Nº 1 / Luc Brewaeys
  6. Es war einmal ein König (uit Ur-Faust) : for recorder, viola, violoncello and piano / Chiel Meijering
  7. Miniatures : for bass clarinet / Initiated and edited by Fie Schouten
  8. Heroic Elegy : for violoncello and piano / Nimrod Borenstein
  9. L' indifférent : pour quatuor à cordes, 1969, gereconstrueerde versie (2002) / Hendrik Andriessen
  10. The Tell-Tale Heart : for soprano and symphony orchestra / Willem Jeths; lyrics by E.A. Poe, adaptation by Carel Alphenaar