Kasbergen, Marinus

related works

Vijf aphorismen : voor de linkerhand / Marinus Kasbergen

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Piano 1 hand
Instruments: pflh

12 interludia : (manualiter), voor orgelpositief of clavecimbel, 1980 / Antoon Maessen

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Organ; Harpsichord
Instruments: org/cemb

Kick and rush : for harpsichord, 1999 / Chiel Meijering

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Harpsichord
Instruments: cemb

Partita per tasti : = Suite voor toetsen, (clavicembalo, pianoforte [o] organo), 1974 / Johan Weegenhuise

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Harpsichord; Piano; Organ
Instruments: cemb/pf/org



Per clavicembalo : 1968 / Marinus Kasbergen

Publisher: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1970
Publisher's number: 02462
Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Harpsichord
Instruments: cemb
Remarks: Opgedragen aan Gerard Dekker
Number of players: 1
Status: not yet digitized (expected delivery time 14 days)

Moderato liberamente
Allegro con fuoco
Liberamente poco capriccioso

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