Samimi Mofakham, Idin

The music of Iranian composer/performer Idin Samimi Mofakham (b. 1982) is deeply rooted in the traditional and regional music of his home country. Since 2015, he has been developing his ...

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...of struggle and hope : for contrabass quartet and electronics / Idin Samimi Mofakham

Genre: Electronical music
Subgenre: Double bass
Scoring: 4db tape

Concerto for horn and tape : 1980 / Tera de Marez Oyens

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Horn; Electronics with different instruments; Horn with electronics
Scoring: h tape

Bluesberries : for horn in F / Rieteke Hölscher

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Horn
Scoring: h

Mandi : for 4 horns, 1981 / Will Eisma

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Horn
Scoring: 4h



Hazin : For horn in F / Idin Samimi Mofakham

Publisher's number: 23170
Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Horn
Scoring: h
Remarks: Commissioned by & Dedicated to Daniel Costello. First performance at Atrium na Žižkov, Prague, Czech Republic on March 14, 2019.
Duration: 6'00"
Number of players: 1
Year of composition: 2018
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Ḥazīn is a word with several meanings. Firstly, it is one of the modes and sets of rhythmic figures, originating from the Iranian Classical Music System (Radif). Meanwhile, the word itself means "sorrowful" in Persianit is also refers to "Hazīn Lāhījī", the 18th-century Persian poet whose poetry is full of expression, melancholy and sorrowful exclamations.

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