Voronov, Valery

Valery Voronov was born on March 3, 1970 in Moscow. He had his music lessons there at the age of seven. After completing his studies at the Glinka College ...

related works

Phos Hilaron (Φῶς Ἱλαρόν) : for flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, accordion and 19 strings / Valery Voronov

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Large ensemble (12 or more players)
Instruments: fl sax-a tpt trb acc str

Deux esquisses : pour clavecin et percussion, 1967, révision 1987 / Enrique Raxach

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Mixed ensemble (2-11 players)
Instruments: perc cemb

Concerto : per flauto solo, archi e continuo / Antonio Mahaut

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Flute and orchestra
Instruments: str bc fl-solo

Concert voor 20 autofonisten : voor 20 slagwerkers / Hans Asselbergs

Genre: Chamber music
Instruments: 20perc



Tracking Space / Hunting Meteoritrs : for voice, bass, clarinet, violino, cello, percussion and piano / Valery Voronov

Publisher's number: 17717
Genre: Unknown
Duration: 14'00"
Year of composition: 2006
Status: not yet digitized (expected delivery time 14 days)

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