Brewaeys, Luc

Luc Brewaeys was born on August 25, in 1959 in Mortsel (Belgium) and passed away on December 18, in 2015. Education: He studied composition with André Laporte in Brussels (Belgium), with ...

related works

Due cose belle ha il mondo: l’amore e la morte... : for piano solo, chamber orchestra and live-electronics / Luc Brewaeys

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra with electronics

Serenade : voor hobo en kamerorkest, 1981 / Kees Schoonenbeek

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Oboe and orchestra
Scoring: 1121 2110 perc hp str ob-solo

Concertino : voor hobo en orkest, opus 14 nr. 1, 1936 / Jan Koetsier

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Oboe and orchestra
Scoring: 1011 1000 hp str ob-solo

Canti d'Orfeo : concerto per oboe/corno inglese ed orchestra / Wim Laman, 2007

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Oboe and orchestra
Scoring: pic fl ob eh cl cl-b fg cfg 2h 2trp trb perc str( ob(eh)-solo



Introduction : for english horn and (youth / school / amateur) orchestra / Luc Brewaeys

Publisher's number: 13641
Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Oboe and orchestra
Scoring: eh-solo 2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 4h 2trp 2trb tb 3perc pf str
Duration: 4'40"
Year of composition: 1996
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

This short work was written for Alex Van Beveren and the Antwerp Youth & Music Orchestra for their appearance in Copenhague, Cultural Capital of Europe in 1996, who commissioned the piece.

The solo part includes some multiphonics, chosen not only for their effect but mainly because of the harmonic properties, for the music is -as usual ion my works- based on the natural harmonics of (in this particular case) the note G. The music is technically relatively easy for the orchestral players, since the idea was that almost everyone would be able to perform it. There are also some controlled aleatoric passages in the orchestra, while the English Horn part is written out completely. The piece ends with two bars of syncopated and very recognizable rhythms in the percussion, announcing more things to come, as the purpose was to work out the piece as a Concerto in three movements.

This Concerto was eventually composed 10 years later.

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