Brewaeys, Luc

Luc Brewaeys was born on August 25, in 1959 in Mortsel (Belgium) and passed away on December 18, in 2015. Education: He studied composition with André Laporte in Brussels (Belgium), with ...

related works

Due cose belle ha il mondo: l’amore e la morte... : for piano solo, chamber orchestra and live-electronics / Luc Brewaeys

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra with electronics

Symphony: Pure thoughts transfixed : for large orchestra / Svitlana Azarova

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 2fl(pic) 2ob ob(eh) 2cl cl-b 2fg cfg 4h 3trp 2trb trb-b perc str

Valerius-rhapsodie : over, Nederlandse vrijheidsliederen 1626, voor groot orkest = über, Niederländische Freiheitslieder 1626, für grosses Orchester, (1967) / Jan Koetsier

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 2222 2231 timp 3perc pf str

Symphony no. 3 : after Isaiah I, (1980-1985) / Hans Kox

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 3333 6431 timp 4-5perc str



Symphony n° 7 : for symphony orchestra / Luc Brewaeys

Publisher's number: 13622
Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Orchestra
Instruments: 2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 2h 2trp trb tb 3perc hp pf cel str
Duration: 17'00"
Year of composition: 2001-02, rev. 2007
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

This work was composed in 2001-02 on commission of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders and has been first performed by this orchestra under Arturo Tamayo on 7 september 2002 at deSingel in Antwerp. This symphony consists of three movements played without interruption : the first two movements are relatively swift and short and are followed by a (much longer) Adagio. The orchestra isn't very large, the percussion section is very restrained compared to my previous symphonies, but there are two duo's (horn and trombone twice) left and right backstage (or even preferably in the back of the hall). They have an important part in the story.

The first movement is called "Fanfares" and also sounds a bit like that, including the overtones and echos of the "hidden" instruments. This is interrupted for a while by a soft passage referring to the last movement. The idea was to start in a very "optimistic" way in order to prepare the audience (and the orchestra) for the following. The second movement (Allegro con moto) is some kind of mini-concertino for the winds, I challenge their technical abilities and rythmical feeling. Follows the Adagio that was concieved as a huge goat of severe music. The base is some sort of monolitisch/acid "concealed" chorale played by increasing amounts of instrumental groups with - besides - an endless melodic line (first monodic, later in two voices) which seems to have nothing to do at all with the other music. The work ends quite surprisingly after a climax. The score is dedicated to my former teacher André Laporte.

I made a slight revision of the score in 2007. The first performance of this final version is given on November 16, 2007 at de Bijloke in Gent (B) by the Brabants Orkest (NL) conducted by Arturo Tamayo.

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