Leeuw, Ton de

Ton de Leeuw was born on November 16, 1926 in Rotterdam. He died on May 31, 1996 in Paris (France). In 1949, after some years of composition lessons with Henk Badings, ...

related works

12 vocalises

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Voice solo; Voice and piano; Voice and instrument(s)
Scoring: voice solo ; voice pf ; voice perc pf ; voice vc ; 4voices

Shutterspeed : for clarinet and soundtrack / Arnold Marinissen

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Clarinet
Scoring: cl tape

Dialogo sopra i due sistemi : (2003), for organ and quadraphonic live electronics / René Uijlenhoet

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Organ; Electronics with different instruments; Organ with electronics
Scoring: org electronics

Something wicked : for flute, piano and soundtracks, 2002 / Gerard Beljon

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Flute and keyboard instrument; Electronics with different instruments; Flute and keyboard instrument with electronics
Scoring: fl(fl-a pic) pf tape



Mountains : bass clarinet, tape, 1977 / Ton de Leeuw

Publisher: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1977
Publisher's number: 01360
Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Clarinet; Electronics with different instruments; Clarinet with electronics
Scoring: cl-b tape
Remarks: Opgedragen aan Harry Sparnaay. - Tijdsduur: ca. 17'35''
Duration: 18'00"
Number of players: 1
Year of composition: 1977
Status: fully digitized (real-time delivery)

Program note (English): At the heart of this work is an integration of the instrumental and electronic sounds rather than opposition. On the one hand, many of the electronic passages almost seem to become live music, owing to the very detailed flexible shape, whilst on the other hand the bass clarinet describes curves which come close to those of some of the electronic connections.
The musical events develop slowly and over long periods; in addition, there are many built-in repetitions with continuous subtle variations. The slowly ascending and falling lines, the high plateaus on which the music seems to stand still, readily provided me with the title - "Mountains". Echoes of folk music can be heard throughout, eternal and not confined to any one setting, mingled with the contemporary idiom and the electronic means that are used. The tape was made by voltage-controls equipment in the composer's studio. The aim is to create all the variants that occur from a programme determinated in advance. - TON DE LEEUW

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