Wircker, Johann

Johann Wircker was born in Oschatz (Saxony, Germany), a city between Leipzig and Dresden. In 1548 his name occurs in the choir of the electoral Hofkapelle (Court Orchestra) at Dresden. He studied in Meißen (near Dresden) and went to the Wittenberg University in 1554. In 1557 he is described as Rektor on the school at Borna (Saxony), and in 1561 as Kantor and musician at the Saxon electoral court. Wircker’s name occurs in many choirbooks in his era being the copyist of many works of music since 1556. He signed the works with his name with the suffix Magister und Musicus in Oschatz (Master musician in Oschatz).
His name is nearly forgotten in our days. In his own time he barely came out of the shadow of other important composers in Germany, like Senfl, Isaac, Hassler and Lassus. He deserves better. His style is post-Josquin. Look at the notes cascading down in ‘descendit de cælo’: so visual, almost madrigalian.
Cees Wagemakers, 2018