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Quipu : voor kamerorkest, "concertante balletmuziek", 1982 / Sytze Smit

Genre: Orchestra
Subgenre: Large ensemble (12 or more players)
Instruments: 1110 1110 pf 2vl vla vc cb

Khidr : when the waters were changed, based on "Tales of the dervishes", chorus, sopr: 4, alt: 4, ten: 4, bas: 4, percussion I, II / Sytze Smit

Genre: Vocal music
Subgenre: Mixed choir and instruments
Instruments: 4sopr 4alt 4ten 4bas 2perc

Second time for 3 trumpets & 3 trombones : 1986 / Sytze Smit

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Brass Ensemble (2-8 players)
Instruments: 3trp 3trb

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Solo voor Gé : voor contrabas, 1985 / Sytze Smit

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Double bass
Instruments: cb



Smit, Sytze

Nationality: Netherlands
Date of birth: 1944-01-01