Schwedersky, Sonja

Date of birth: 1963
Website: Listen to A slice of pizza ; Listen to Cuerpo de mujer ; Listen to Emomo, part V: Pain ; Listen to Little Hands ; Listen to Neruda Song "Hemos perdido aun este crepúsculo" ; Listen to Neruda Song "Me gustas cuando callas" ; Listen to The unfaithful ; Reportage concert 4 april 2013 De Doelen ; Sonja Schwedersky - website componist ; SoundCloud

Sonja was born in 1963 and felt the attraction of music since childhood. From an early age she could be found sitting at the piano where she invented her own melodies. She started violinlessons age 9 and went to conservatory at 14.
Sonja played the violin in various ensembles and orchestras until the age of 30. The need to create her own music grew and eventually she exchanged her violin for composition.
At the moment she is busy publishing her first CD, about which you can read everything on the page of the Pablo Neruda Project.