Peschin, Gregor

Date of birth: c.1500
Date of death: c.1550

Gregor Peschin (c. 1500-c. 1550) was a Bohemian composer. He received his musical education in the court chapel in Budapest, serving there until 1526. From 1527 to 1539 he was a member of the court chapel in Salzburg where he was organist, together with Paul Hofhaimer. In 1529 he went to Neuburg an der Donau in the service of count Ottheinrich and he followed his employer to Heidelberg where he went into exile after bankruptcy.
There is documentation on Peschin until at least 1547: an inventory in Heidelberg chapel counts 105 of his compositions, in which were 5 masses, 4 epitaphs, about 30 motets and over 50 German songs, few of which have survived. Peschin is almost forgotten in these days. The mass in this bundle is not simple at all and shows skilled craftsmanship. The polyphony reminds a little of Josquin.
Cees Wagemakers, 2018 (source: Wikipedia)