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Music Inside Double Bass : for double bass / Anna Mikhailova

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Double bass
Scoring: cb

Black Perfume : Chamber opera for baritone, soprano, trumpet, double bass and percussion / Anna Mikhailova

Genre: Opera, musical theatre
Subgenre: Opera
Scoring: bar sopr cb trp bug pic 20perc

Music Inside Trumpet : for trumpet and piano / Anna Mikhailova

Genre: Chamber music
Subgenre: Trumpet and keyboard instrument
Scoring: trp pf

latest edition

Psychogeography : opera for 3 singers / Anna Mikhailova

Genre: Unknown



Mikhailova, Anna

Website: Anna Mikhailova current work ; Featured Composer's Page

After graduation Rotterdam University of Arts (Codarts) as a theater director (2013), Den Haag Royal Conservatory composition and sonology department (2011), Moscow conservatory (2007) as a composer, organ player and koto player,  working with impro, jazz, pop, rock musician, dancers, collecting the folk songs in the folk expedition, writing music for movies, animations, theater and computer games, moving from on place to another, I discovered that the roots started to call me and my childhood dreams of what is all about, raised up and I just had to follow them and start to approach the music from the beginning again.
I am in music from 6 years old and I love it, I love to speak this language and to discover the possibility of it. After working on several operas, performances, installations, which gave me an amazing experience of the team work and collaboration; playing in different bands, as techno, pop, impro, jazz, rock, industrial, experimental, I found out, that for me is more and more important not only to express myself through music, but to find a new way to show the audience they personal reasons to be.(while listening to the language of music, experiencing the magic of theatre, getting lost in the exhibition place…)