Darvishi, Aftab

Aftab Darvishi started to play Violin when she was 5, As she grew older she got in touch with more instruments like Kamancheh (Iranian string instrument) and more specific with classical Piano. Aftab has studied Music Performance at University of Tehran, Composition at Royal Conservatory of The Hague and Composing for film-and at the same time- Karnatic Music (South Indian music) at Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Aftab has presented her music in various festivals in Europe and Asia working with various ensembles such as Kronos quartet, HERMESensemble and so on. Aftab has also attended various artistic residencies such AiEP Contemporary Dance Company (Milan), Kinitiras studio (Athens) and Akropoditi Dance
center (Syros).
In 2014, Aftab was short listed for the 20th young composer meeting in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) and in 2015, she won the music education award from Listhus artistic resideny to hold workshops for presenting Persian music for music teachers at Music school of Fjallabyggd, Iceland. She is a former member of KhZ ensemble; an experimental electronic ensemble with supervision of Yannis Kyriakides that has performed in various festivals such as Holland festival.
In October 2016, she was awarded the Prestigious " Tenso Young Composers Award 2016" for her piece" And the world stopped Lacking you..." for a Capella choir.