Croce, Giovanni

Giovanni Croce - also called Chiozotto, after Chioggia, near Venice where he was born c. 1557 - was a Venetian composer, who together with Andrea Gabrieli and his nephew Giovanni Gabrieli was a leading composer in Venice in his days. He is also known under the name Joannes a Cruce Clodiensis, his name being Latinized. He became a priest in 1585 and "maestro di cappella" (choirmaster) at St. Mark’s in 1603, after being assistant choirmaster since 1593 under the tenure of Baldassare Donato. He wrote several books of madrigals and motets.

Croce served as director of music in St. Marks until his death in 1609. His influence was visible in the Netherlands and in England, where several book of his music have been reprinted. Thomas Morley for instance called him a master composer and claims to be influenced by Croce. John Dowland admired him also greatly.

Cees Wagemakers, 2015