Afrisando, Jay

Nationality: Indonesie
Date of birth: 1989

Jay Afrisando is an Indonesian composer, multi-instrumentalist (Saxophones, Saluang, Javanese Siter, Piri, and Janggu), improviser, also an international collaborator and performer.

Trained in jazz and improvised music since 2008, Jay has performed with Jen Shyu (U.S.A), Cedric Hanriot (France), Gamin (South Korea), Djaduk Ferianto (Indonesia), and Otomo Yoshihide (Japan) to name a few.

Jay has studied composition formally from Drs. Royke B. Koapaha, M.Sn. and Drs. Chairul Slamet, M.Sn. He also has some mentors on composition such as Jen Shyu, Randy Raine-Reusch (Canada), Djaduk Ferianto, the late Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Purwanto, Gatot Danar Sulistyanto, and Erie Setiawan.

Jay creates compositions with conventional notation as well as graphic score. Some of Jay's compositions have been performed in several countries. The composition Indisposed City was performed in Seoul, South Korea, in last 2014 (performed by Jay Afrisando and Gamin). Jay's collaborative composition Project in 4 was performed by Sydney's Quartet of Quartets in Australia, March 2014. Jay’s composition Water Siter will also be performed in Amsterdam in May 2015. Jay has published two albums of poetry music with Jay & Gatra Wardaya in 2012 and 2013.

In addition to his artistic endeavor, his academic pursuit has led him to a bachelor degree on music composition from Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Indonesian Institute for Arts in Yogyakarta).

Dreaming to be on upscale global stages, Jay participated in 2014 International Fellowship in Study of Korean Music at the National Gugak Center where he studies Piri and Janggu.